At What Age Does a Boy Need to Start Wearing a Belt?

At What Age Does a Boy Need to Start Wearing a Belt?

Belts date back to the Bronze Age, which is pretty amazing if you think about it. Somewhere between 3300 and 1200 BCE, the belt came to be. They became more popular in the 1920s, but belts have been worn for decorative purposes for a very, very long time.

It’s no surprise that an accessory with this kind of longevity would still be a huge staple in most men’s wardrobes today. So, you might be wondering about when they should be worn. Specifically, if you have a young son, you might be wondering when he needs to start wearing a belt. After all, most men wear belts every single day. Sometimes this is out of necessity, and other times it’s for fashion. Most men, however, seem to wear belts out of necessity. So, at what age does a boy need to start wearing a belt? Let’s explore each age range a bit more and go from there.

Does a Toddler Boy Need to Wear a Belt?

The short answer is usually not. Finding a belt in this size might be difficult, and it can make it really hard if you’re in the potty training age range. Accidents can be more common if you put a belt on a young toddler who doesn’t know how to undo it. So, it’s probably not the best idea for little guys. In addition, most pants in toddler sizes have stretchy waistbands or adjustable elements to them. So, a belt probably isn’t the best idea for little guys unless it’s a special occasion.

Does a Child Need to Wear a Belt?

As a boy grows from being a toddler into a child, they mostly won’t need a belt. While you can find belts in children’s sizes much more easily, they’re not as needed. Most boys’ pants are still easily adjustable and offer athletic waistbands. Plus, many boys prefer sweatpants and basketball shorts in this age range, neither of which requires a belt. Can they wear a belt, though? Yes, many boys start wearing belts right before they become teenagers.

Does a Teen Boy Need to Wear a Belt?

Many teenage boys do like to wear belts. They help keep pants up, and generally, most of their peers are wearing them. So, to fit in, they also might want to start wearing belts. If your son wears jeans the majority of the time, they don’t require a belt but can be worn with one. If he wears shorts with belt holes or uniform pants, they might look best accompanied by a belt. This is probably the age when belt-wearing becomes more consistent. 

Does an Adult Male Need to Wear a Belt?

The vast majority of adult males living in the United States do wear belts. Many of these men are working and a belt helps tie an outfit together to make it look more professional. While many of these men wear leather belts in black or brown on a day-to-day basis, other belts are more bold and can be really fun to wear.

Belts for Different Occasions

As mentioned above, there are occasions where belts might be required or look better than no belt—no matter your child’s age. For example, weddings, church and other formal events might call for a belt. Belts come in so many different colors, sizes and styles. There are also many types of materials that belts can be made from. So, just because your son starts wearing a belt, does not mean he can not find something that helps show his personality. 

Belts come in every material from traditional leather to rope belts to canvas belts. You can also get fun belt buckles or go with something that has knotless technology. There is no need to feel like you or your son needs to wear only one type of belt. If you are curious about more belt material types, read our Ultimate Guide to Belts.

Choosing the Right Type of Belt

While it does really depend on taste and personal preference of the boy as well as the mom and dad, having at least one or two black or brown belts on hand for your son might be a good idea. Neutral colors can be paired with most outfits, and a leather belt can be really versatile. If you’re looking for a more fun and less formal belt that your kids will love, Lizard Tail Belts are unique rope belts. They come in fun bold colors and patterns. It might also be easier to convince your younger boy to wear a fun rope belt that they will love rather than a plain leather belt. However, for most formal occasions, the leather belt might be your choice.

So, What Age Should a Boy Start Wearing a Belt?

The short answer is that it varies from person to person. The vast majority of boys will probably start wearing a belt around middle school age. So, just before they become an official teen. Is it a requirement? Nope, more just what everyone around them will be doing. It also might make their pants more comfortable as many of them will not have stretchy waists anymore. So, a belt will prevent pants from going too low or falling down.

If your son is ready to wear a belt, let him! There are no set rules when it comes to fashion. As we mentioned, if you are looking for something fun and new for them to wear, try a Lizard Tail Belt in a bold color. We offer our belts in several sizes, including kids’ sizes. If we do not have the right size for you, we can also customize one to fit. That is one of the many perks of wearing a rope belt. So, if you have a son on the fence, get him a rope belt. We are sure he will love it!