Best Belt for Bigger Guys

Best Belt for Bigger Guys

If you’re shopping for a belt for a bigger gentleman, you might not be sure what to look for. While belts are a must when it comes to men’s fashion and keeping pants from falling down, it can be really hard to find something that’s comfy and in the material and color they like. There are so many belts on the market, and it can be difficult to know what to get. Don’t fret, though. We have a few ideas that might help. Let’s start with a few things to keep in mind while you’re shopping for bigger guys. 

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Belt

Before you start the shopping process, it’s important to note a few things, especially if the belt will be a gift for someone. Even if you’re buying a belt for yourself, you should also make sure you know a few things first about the process. It’ll make the experience so much easier, and you’re much more likely to get something perfect.


The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have their/your measurements. If the belt is for you, or you can talk to the person you’re buying the belt for, simply measure around your/their waist. You’ll want the size in inches. If you’re shopping for someone else, you can always grab one of their favorite belts that fits them well and measure the belt. This will give you more accurate sizing than just guessing. 

Trying The Belts On

If you’re not surprising the person with a belt, it might be a good idea to take them shopping with you. Trying on the belt is the best way to find out if it fits tightly and comfortably enough. Though a belt may say it’s the correct size, the feel and fit can vary from person to person.

Material and Buckle Preferences

Some people have big opinions when it comes to belt buckles and the belt materials. Some belts can push into the stomach, rub skin the wrong way, be too thick, etc. Belt buckles also come in a wide variety of styles and materials. So, make sure that they want a belt that looks and feels similar to the ones they already have at home. Use those as a guide if you can’t ask them about their preferences.

Check the Return Policy

If you’re ordering the belt online or buying the belt from a store without having the person try it on, check the return policy. There’s nothing worse than buying something that isn’t the right size or style and not being able to return it. It’s an unneeded expense, and it can be a waste if no one can wear the belt.

Types of Belts that Work Well for Bigger Guys 

As far as the best belts for bigger guys goes, here are a few of our favorites.

Rope Belts

Rope belts from Lizard Tail are our favorites for bigger guys! Several things make these the ideal belts for someone who’s in-between sizes, can’t find a belt in their ideal size or wants something a little different than a traditional buckle. Lizard Tail belts come in a size small to a 3XL! The 3XL fits men in pant sizes 48-50. Check out our sizing chart here for more information. If you don’t fit into that size of pants, or you want a little more wiggle room, these belts can be customized! You can order a custom size that’s even bigger if you’d like!

The other great thing about Lizard Tail rope belts is the buckle. It utilizes knotless technology. So, the wearer can easily adjust their pants in and out throughout the day. This makes the belt much more comfortable and customizable to the wearer’s needs. Lizard Tail belts also come in so many different colors and patterns that you’re sure to find something that they’ll love.

Nylon Belts with Sliding Buckles

Another belt type to explore is a nylon belt. Nylon belts can be good because the material is more smooth and causes less friction in some cases. If you get a nylon belt with a sliding belt buckle, the wearer won’t have to worry about adding holes to the belt if they need a more custom fit. The slider can just slide back and forth as needed. These belts also come in many different colors and patterns. So, it’ll be easier to find a belt that fits someone’s must-haves.

Classic Leather Belts

A classic leather belt may be an unexpected choice. Some people don’t like that leather belts have belt buckles that require holes and more adjusting than other belts. They can be less customizable than nylon or rope belts because of this. However, leather belts are a classic staple piece in men’s wardrobes. The leather is smooth and has a good feel to it. You also would be hard-pressed to find an occasion where a leather belt isn’t appropriate. They are great in both formal and informal settings as leather is very versatile. They are also offered by many different companies so you can find them in larger sizes. They mainly come in neutral colors like black and brown, but this is a good thing as these colors can be paired with most outfits.

There are other types of belts and buckles on the market that a bigger man might prefer. So, if he bought his last belt from a specialty store or website, you might want to get its name so you can get him the same type of belt. A lot of what makes a great belt is really personal preference of the wearer. So, just keep this in mind as you are shopping. Our personal favorite? We think the rope belts from Lizard Tail are the best belts for bigger guys since the belts are so much more customizable than other types and they are easy to adjust throughout the day as needed.