Best Father's Day Gifts: Outdoor Edition

Best Father's Day Gifts: Outdoor Edition

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it can be hard to know what to get for the dad in your life. Another mug? Socks? Maybe another tie? While these can all make excellent gifts, if the dad you are buying for is an outdoorsman, we have some fresh new gift ideas for you. Here are nine gift ideas for the outdoorsy dad in your life.

1. World’s Toughest Emergency Blanket

You’ve probably seen run-of-the-mill emergency blankets. They almost look like lightweight tinfoil. They work alright, but sometimes they can rip and be cheaply made. Make sure Dad’s hiking with the best with the World’s Toughest Emergency Blanket

They use the same Mylar technology that NASA invented, but the blankets are lightweight, tear-resistant, 100% waterproof and fold up into a tiny bag. They are the perfect item for Dad to keep in a hiking backpack, emergency bag, their car and more. The blankets can also be used for camping and, in an emergency situation, they might even save someone’s life.

2. Rope Belt

guy wearing a belt while out on a hike

A rope belt is wonderfully unique, yet it is something he could use every day. Lizard Tail Belts are rope belts that are durable, come in several unique colors, utilize knotless technology and just look amazing. One of the coolest things about these belts is that you can get the perfect fit. They even offer custom sizes if you need something bigger. Every outdoorsman needs a belt, so why not make it a unique and durable belt that also makes a great talking piece?

3. Portable Campfire

portable campfire

Did you know that you can buy portable campfires? It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. The Radiate Campfire is a way to have a campfire without the mess. It can be packed in a backpack and all Dad would need are matches to get it started. It is a great way to have a campfire when he does not have a good place to start one up, or maybe the area around him is too wet. 

4. Water Filtration

One thing that is always important to have while you are camping, hiking or in an emergency is water. Drinking water you find along the way might be convenient, but it could also be risky. You can get life-threatening illnesses without proper filtration. 

So, give Dad the best in water filtration. Two easy ways to filter water while you’re hiking or camping is with a LifeStraw or a Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier. With the LifeStraw, the user can literally lean over a body of water and drink. The straw purifies the water of bacteria, parasites, microplastic, dirt, sand and more as you drink. The straw also does not expire, and it’s super easy to clean. 

Another great route to go is the Grayl GeoPress Water Purifier. This is a water bottle that you fill with water, and the purifier cleans the water of viruses, bacteria and more. The big advantage of this is that you can take the purified water with you when you go. With the LifeStraw, you can drink directly from the water source, but you can’t store or take the water with you.

5. Outdoor Survival Books

If the dad in your life is outdoorsy and loves to read, these books are for him. The first is The Encyclopedia of Edible Plants of North America. This book will help the reader learn about what plants they can eat, their medicinal purposes and the toxicity of plants. It’s a great gift for someone who loves “living off the land” while camping. 

Another great book is Bushcraft First Aid. This book outlines ways to treat burns, cuts, broken bones, head injuries and more if they get into an emergency situation and can not get help immediately. It is great information for any hiker, backpacker or camper to know for an emergency. There is actually a whole series of Bushcraft books. So, if they already have one of those books, chances are they will love to get another in the series to sharpen their skills.

6. Fishing Supplies

fishing lures

This one might sound a bit cliche, but if Dad loves fishing, he can always use more fishing gear. Grab him some fishing lures or fishing lines. If he would like a more packable fishing set, this Plusinno fishing rod and reel combo comes with almost everything he needs packed away in a nice case. If fishing is their hobby, and they have specific preferences or they’re picky about what they use, consider looking at the brands and items they already have before buying them anything new.

7. Smaller Items

If your outdoorsman enjoys being prepared, consider re-stocking items he uses often, such as a paracord and camping glow sticks. While these things might not be the most fun purchases, Dad will appreciate not having to buy and re-stock all of the little camping items he uses frequently. 

8. Freeze-Dried Meals

Snag Dad some great tasting meals and snacks for his next backpacking adventure. Good-quality freeze-dried meals will last longer than regular food and are great if Dad keeps a hiking bag ready to go at all times. Getting the meals that are “just add water” will make for a much easier dinner the next time he is out camping.

9. Quality Time

A great addition to a gift can be just spending time with the dad in your life. Go on the camping trip he has wanted to go on for years or take a day to hike in his favorite National Park with him. You can always go a little pricier, and purchase tickets to go with him to a hiking or camping spot on his bucket list. While often overlooked, quality time can be one of the best gifts of all.

No matter what you decide to get the dad in your life for Father’s Day, they will be sure to love any of these great outdoor adventuring choices.