Best Travel Accessories That Are Often Overlooked

Best Travel Accessories That Are Often Overlooked

Traveling can be a fun but also a stressful experience. Packing is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. There are so many different gadgets and hacks for packing and traveling more easily. However, often they seem to all be the same old things that are talked about by everyone. So, we came up with a list of travel accessories that are often overlooked. Take a look and see if any of them might be helpful for your next big adventure.

Rope belts 

Going through airport security can be a huge pain. A big part of that is because you have to take the time to open up bags, limit liquids, and take off a bunch of clothing items. But did you know that you don’t have to take a rope belt off for airport security? It’s true! They’re made out of rope and they don’t include metal. So, they won’t set off metal detectors. 

woman traveling in an airport wearing a rope belt with her shorts

Rope belts are also great for traveling because they are comfortable and easily adjustable when you’re trying to get comfortable. Not to mention, they look great, and they will be a great talking piece when your seat-neighbor asks about it. Rope belts are a great staple piece for your wardrobe too because they say something about you and your interests. They’re perfect for all of your casual dress needs and will make a great travel companion.

Keychain luggage identifier

When you have multiple bags with you at the airport, telling them apart from other people’s luggage can be difficult.  Everyone seems to love the same colors when it comes to luggage. Black, red, and blue are some of the most popular colors. When they’re all floating around a luggage carousel, and you’re wanting to just find your bag and split as quickly as possible, your luggage isn't doing you any favors. 

backpack with a lizard tail keychain to help identify it

Speed is the name of the game when you’re trying to get your bag, so being able to spot it from far away is important. Some people tie brightly colored ribbons to their bags or they try to get a bag that looks a little more unique, but there can be downsides to both of these options. Ribbons can fall off, might get tucked under a handle where you can’t see them, etc. Also, even if your bag is unique, sometimes, someone has the same idea, and there might be two “unique” bags floating around the carousel. So, consider getting a unique rope keychain. They come in five different colors, and you’ll be able to spot your bag quicker than ever.

Stuff or compression sacks 

Packing can be tight–especially on your return trip home with souvenirs. Getting everything to fit in your carry-on, or even your checked luggage can be harder than a game of Tetris, especially with bulky items. So, take a tip from backpackers and grab yourself some stuff sacks. Stuff sacks are also called compression sacks, and they work to make bulky items smaller. So, if you travel with a bulky coat, a blanket, a pillow, or even a lot of clothing, stuffing them into a stuff sack can make them smaller and distribute better in your suitcase. 

Some stuff sacks are just a bag with a drawstring on it to keep everything in. There are other compression sacks that actually have straps on them that you can close and pull to make the item even smaller, or more compressed. It seems like magic when you try it because it frees up so much space, and it might save you from having to check another bag.


Carabiners in different sizes can be an amazing way to carry and store luggage. A carabiner might even prevent you from losing or leaving something behind. If you’re a parent, get a large carabiner to put on your stroller handle. You can use this to attach water bottles, shopping bags, and even a packable jacket. It helps keep things within reach, but they won’t be falling off your stroller and getting lost. If you are carrying a backpack or roller bag, you can get a mid-sized carabiner to attach hats, travel pillows, shopping bags, and more. Just keep the carabiner attached to your bag, and guaranteed, you’ll use it for something.

If you’re traveling with kids who might have their own small backpack, getting them a smaller carabiner to attach their treasures is a great idea too. Plus, when they inevitably tell you that they don’t want to carry their little backpack anymore, you can take the carabiner on their bag and attach it to your own bag or a stroller so it doesn’t get lost or dragged on the ground. Trust us, a carabiner of any size will help save your sanity at the airport.

Shower Wipes 

This might sound silly, but if there are any hiccups in your travel, you’ll be grateful for shower wipes. Traveling makes people really stinky, and this can be very uncomfortable. Your seat neighbor will probably also not appreciate a stinky person sitting next to them. So, get a few shower wipes to travel with you in your carry-on. You can buy individually wrapped wipes to keep in your bag. You can use them to give yourself a wipe-down if you don’t have access to a shower. This can happen when you get stuck at the airport, flights get delayed, etc. It could also be good to freshen up before you get picked up from the airport–especially if you’ll be giving someone a big hug.

Shower wipes also have the added bonus of also being helpful when you’re backpacking or camping and you don’t have access to a shower. So, snag a few for your next trip, and if you have any leftovers, you can always use them for emergencies.

Yes, traveling can be an exciting but stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be quite as bad if you’re prepared. So, grab a few of these items for your next trip and see how much more comfortable you are.