Do You Always Need to Wear a Belt?

Do You Always Need to Wear a Belt?

Did you know that belts have been around since the Bronze Age? This means they’ve been around since somewhere between 3300 and 1200 BCE. Belts were originally worn more for decorative or fashion purposes, but they were also used to carry things. They became more popular in the 1920s for men as well. 

Yes, belts have been with us for a long time, and they haven’t changed much over the years. They don’t seem to be going anywhere either. Since belts have been worn for decorative purposes in the past, some have asked, “Do you always need to wear a belt?” To answer this, we need to explore how and why men and women wear belts—and what is most important in a belt. 

Belts for men and women

Belts play different roles in men’s and women’s lives. Though both can wear belts, they seem to currently be more prevalent in men’s fashion. Women can wear them too, but often belts are used more for decorative purposes while men more often use belts for utility. So, the answer to “Do you always need to wear a belt?” might be different depending on if you’re a man or woman—and where you’re wearing said belt.

Functions of a belt

Belts have several functions, maybe some that you hadn’t thought of. The most obvious one is to hold up your pants. Let’s face it, pant sizes are weird. Finding a pair that fits your legs, hips, thighs and waist is almost impossible. That's why belts are so important for keeping your pants up. 

Belts can also be a fashion statement. Back in the early 2000s, women wore fashion belts over the top of shirts, dresses and even coats to cinch their waists. Nowadays, that’s not so much the case, but people still wear belts to make a statement. There are decorative flashy belts that are mainly meant for fashion than they are to hold up pants.

Another less talked about function of belts is to hold things. Some people like to clip things to their belts. It’s easier to get to these items than if they were in your pockets. Belts can also be used in emergency situations in many ways.

When should you wear a belt?

As mentioned, belts are necessary for some situations. In formal situations, many would agree that men look better with a belt that matches their shoes. Without a belt, outfits can look incomplete or not as polished. So, for more dressy situations, men might want to consider a belt. Many men also wear belts daily to hold up their pantswhich is very necessary if you don’t want to have a wardrobe malfunction.

woman in black shirt with rope belt with fall leaves

Women on the other hand don’t seem to need belts in as many situations as men, unless the belt is meant to hold their pants up, or it’s a fashion belt.

What is most important in a belt?

There are a few things to consider when buying a belt. The material, sizing, colors and more. Here are a few things to look out for while deciding what belts to keep in your wardrobe.


Belts come in many different materials. There’s everything from leather to rope belts on the market. They all have pros and cons. However, you probably want to think about where you’re going to wear the belt and what materials are most comfortable. For example, if you’re going to a formal event, you probably want a leather belt whereas if you’re out hiking, a rope belt is what you need. 


Sizing is so important when it comes to belts. As you’re purchasing a belt, make sure you measure yourself and look at the sizing charts associated with the belts. If you can try on the belt before buying it, that can be helpful, too. Some belts are also easier to size up and down than others. For example, a leather belt has set holes for adjusting, but unless you have a leather punch, you can’t go beyond those holes. 

On the other hand, if you order a rope belt from Lizard Tail Belts, we have an easy-to-use size chart, and we can even get you a custom size if you need something bigger. Our knotless technology also allows you to easily adjust the belt to be shorter and longer throughout the day, so it’s more comfortable than other belts.


Belts come in so many different colors, but the colors can depend on the fabric. For example, traditional leather belts are usually neutral colors like black and brown. If you want something in a more vibrant color, Lizard Tail rope belts come in the usual neutral colors as well as colors like teal, purple, green, red, orange and so many more! So, keep the colors you want and need in mind as you buy.

Do you like it?

One of the most important things of all is if you actually like the belt you’re buying. If you don’t love it and you’re not excited about it, you’re less likely to wear it. The worst kind of belt is the one that sits in the back of your closet and never gets worn. So, make sure you absolutely love your belt before you buy it.

Do you actually need a belt?

guy with a red rope belt on a beach

So, do you actually need to wear a belt? That’s really dependent on you. Fashion isn’t about the piece’s function a lot of the time. It’s more about expressing yourself. Just like you might not like the same shirts and pants as other people, some people might prefer to wear a belt every day while others don’t. While there are situations where a belt might make an outfit look better, it’s still completely up to you.

Since belts have been around for so long, they’re bound to be around for a long time to come. You can never have too many belts, and they make great gifts for everyone on your wishlist! If you’re in the market for a new belt, check out Lizard Tail Belts. Our belts are durable, colorful and easily adjustable. You're sure to love them once you try them.