Elastic or Non-Elastic Belts? That is the Question.

Elastic or Non-Elastic Belts? That is the Question.

Why we go Non-Elastic when designing our belts.

LT Belts accomplish an extremely comfortable yet secure fit by being infinitely adjustable and designed to conform with your body’s movements, without the use of elastic or stretch materials.    

Right Fit instead of Tight Fit!  

Many (if not all) elastic belts have to be worn very tight in order to obtain the full benefit of the belt. This can become very uncomfortable and even restrictive. Did you know research shows that having a tight belt or continued constriction around your waist can cause negative health effects? That’s why at LT Belts our motto is “Right fit, instead of tight fit!” You set your belt fit, on the fly, with micro adjustments as desired. 


Endless Possibilities aka Adjustments

 LT Belts offer infinite adjustment possibilities. You may have heard us talk about micro-adjustments, but just in case you haven’t, “micro-adjustments” is a term we coined because our uniquely designed LT Belts allow one to infinitely adjust their belt to fit that day's needs, on the fly! Eat a big meal for lunch and need your belt to be a little looser that day? Not a problem! Run an extra lap at the gym and feel thinner? You can adjust for that too! Forget about the days of trying to fit into a belt; we designed an elastic-free belt that holds its shape while fitting to you.  

A Belt that Doesn’t Stretch goes Further. 

Have you ever had an elastic waistband that finally lost its stretch? It’s the worst! And depending on the amount of usage, it may not have taken long for the decline to happen. This same thing can happen with many elastic belts - they have the potential to lose their stretch over time. Each time elastic is stretched its elasticity compromises and, over time, it has less ability to snap back. Eventually it just stays stretched and this result is irreversible. Non-elastic belts will stay in prime condition for longer because they don’t depend on elastic to work effectively. 

Sure, elastic belts can carry...but you might have to carry your pants too.  

Elastic belts only work when pulled tightly around the waist due to their stretchy nature, so anything on the waist line to interfere with that will inevitably loosen its grip on your trousers. This will result in the user tightening their belt even more. However, a non-elastic belt is able to withhold weight without losing grip or stretching. No need to tighten your non-elastic belt when carrying - it will stay put and effectively carry all your essentials. 

We could go on, but we’ll stop there. 

Elastic belts may be one size fits all, but you deserve a belt that adjusts to your perfect fit. Non-elastic belts, like our Lizard Tail Rope Belts, will never stretch out or lose their shape while still being practical, effective, and comfortable. We promise, non-elastic is where it’s at. Try it for yourself with our worry free guarantee.  If you don't love the belt send it back for a full refund.