How to Buy a Belt for Someone Who Doesn't like the Fit of Conventional Belts

If you’ve ever shopped for someone who has strong opinions or tastes, you know that you need to tread cautiously. Ensuring that you know what they do and don’t like, and truly taking that to heart, is so important to the success of finding things they’ll wear. 

Enter the humble belt. A staple in men's fashion, the belt is primarily used to keep men’s pants from falling down, but they’re also a fashion accessory. While men certainly don’t have to wear belts, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t wear them. So, what do you do when you come across someone who doesn’t like the fit of conventional belts? How do you shop for them? Let’s take a deeper dive.

Why Don’t They Like Belts?

First things first. It’s important to address why they don’t like conventional belts. You’ll want to ask them how they feel about:

  • Certain materials
  • Sizing preferences 
  • Their belt size
  • What they do and don’t like about adjusting a belt
  • What colors and looks they like
  • Where they’ll be wearing the belt

While it would be common to only ask about why they don’t like the fit of conventional belts, all of these other factors are critical pieces of the puzzle that need to be addressed. There are so many belts on the market that truly knowing what someone does or doesn’t like is needed if you’re going to find the perfect solution.

Think About Sizing

Sizing is important when it comes to a belt. It can make or break the experience of wearing one. Make sure you get the belt size of the person you are buying for. You can either ask them directly or if you have access to their closet, look at the belts they have stored inside so you can check for the size. If you want to learn more about sizing, you can read here.

If they haven’t liked the fit of a conventional belt in the past, chances are that they might have the incorrect size. So, if you can, you might want to measure them yourself to get accurate sizing in inches. That way, you can make sure they’re getting the most comfortable size and fit when you buy them a belt. 

Check the Material

When it comes to belts, one of the biggest differentiators is the materials they are made from. These materials can play a role in the feel, fit and comfort of the belt. So, if someone seems to be picky about sizing, it could be because they have never found a belt that’s made out of a comfortable material, and they may not know that.

Belts come in the following materials:

  • Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Canvas
  • Nylon
  • Webbed
  • Rope Belts
  • Novelty and Specialty Belts

While there might be a few more, this is a pretty comprehensive list. Make sure as you shop that you’re checking all of the material options and realize that the comfort of a belt can also have to do with the material, not just the sizing.

Consider How It Adjusts

Another big part of finding the most comfortable belt is considering how it adjusts. So, you’ll need to look at the buckling or knotting mechanisms behind each one. Is it easy to adjust? Is it subtle to adjust? Is it comfortable to adjust? These are all important factors when it comes to adjusting a belt. Sometimes belts will need an adjustment throughout the day. After all, who hasn’t had a huge lunch and needed a little more room to adjust afterward? Perhaps they’re out rock climbing, and they realize their belt is digging into their skin and throwing them off their game. Having a belt that can be adjusted easily is so important when it comes to the fit and feel of a belt.

Find a Belt with a Unique Look

While the look of a belt doesn’t contribute directly to its fit, it’s still a very important factor to consider. If you buy them a belt that fits perfectly, is made from a material that they like and adjusts like a dream, that is all wonderful. However, if the wearer can’t stand the color, pattern or overall look of the belt, they will not wear it. Since a belt is a fashionable as well as a functional item, you’ll need to account for both when buying them a belt.

It might be a good idea to ask them what colors they like (or take a look at their current belt collection). Do they like bold colors and patterns? Maybe they stick to neutrals? Are they looking for something new? A statement piece? Something that blends in? These are all questions you need to have answers to before you can buy them a belt they’ll love to wear. 

Why Lizard Tail Belts?

We have a solution to your belt-buying dilemma. Get them a Lizard Tail Belt. Our belts are made from a smooth rope that won’t prick or rub them the wrong way. They come in several size ranges, and if you don’t see your size listed, we can even make you a custom-sized belt if needed. 

In addition, adjusting a Lizard Tail Belt is a breeze. Our knotless technology makes it so easy to subtly make the belt tighter or looser. So, if you have a big lunch or you find that you need a little extra room while you’re out adventuring, you’ll be able to easily adjust the belt to be comfortable for you. Need to change it back later? Equally as simple. The last thing to consider is the look and feel of our belts. Each belt has a unique vibe to it. They come in a wide array of colors and patterns. So, you’re sure to find something they’ll love. 

Sold yet? We hope so! If you’re wanting to learn more about sizing, belt material comparisons or just about belts in general, visit our blog here for more information.