How to Measure for a Belt

How to Measure for a Belt

Finding the right size belt is a major game changer and an absolute necessity for everyone to have in their wardrobe. When you find one that fits well, is comfortable, and goes well with your clothing, it’s basically like you’ve found the holy grail.

But the catch is that you actually have to find that right fit, which can definitely prove to be a challenge. Check out some of our tips on how to measure to find the perfect size and fit for your cord belt!

Measuring with Your Body

The first trick is perhaps the simplest – you can measure for a belt using your body. Stand up in a natural position. Relax. Don’t hold in your stomach or push it out. Grab a measuring tape and thread it through the loops on your pants and pull it until it’s snug. If the measurement falls in between inches, round up to the nearest inch. This is your belt size.

For example, if it’s 38 inches, you’ll be a size 38 belt. If you measured at 39 inches, you’ll want to round up to a size 40 belt.

Measuring Using a Belt You Already Own

Another trick is to measure using a belt that you already own. Lay your belt out on a flat surface and grab a tape measurer. Identify the hole that you use when you wear that belt and place the end of the tape measurer there. Pull the tape until it hits the buckle. This is your belt size.

The number of inches between these two points is your belt size. For example, if it’s 34 inches, you’ll need a size 34 belt.

Measuring Using a Pair of Well-Fitting Pants

One more thing you could try is measuring your belt size by using a pair of well-fitting pants. Identify your favorite pair of pants. You know the ones I’m talking about- they’re comfortable, they’re worn in, they’re your go-to’s. 

All you have to do is take your pant size and add a two to it. For example, if your pant size is 32, your belt size will be 34. If your pant size is 36, your belt size will be 38. And so on and so forth.

Finding the Right Fit

Getting yourself a belt in the right fit doesn’t have to be challenging. You can easily use what you have to find the perfect size and fit and you’ll be good to go! Stock up on the right styles and colors so that you have a variety of options that go with the items that you already have in your wardrobe.