How to Wear a Rope Belt

How to Wear a Rope Belt

There’s something about a rope belt that hints at creativity and ingenuity. While the traditional styles of leather and belt buckles are a safe option to go with, choosing to go with a rope belt gives you the ability to be inventive while reveling in the comfort and simplicity that comes with this incredibly versatile belt style.

Speaking of versatility, a rope belt can be worn in virtually any setting and with any outfit. Check out some of our favorite ways to style a rope belt!

Keep it Casual

What’s on your agenda for the day? Do you have projects around the house? Do you have some errands to run? Going out with​​ some friends? A rope belt easily pairs with any casual outfit you might be wearing for the day. The low-profile design makes them an efficient accessory, providing style and functionality without being overly flashy.

Easily pull it through the belt loops on your favorite pair of jeans and throw on a t-shirt. Try tucking it into your jeans for a more put-together look. A rope belt is also easily worn with a pair of shorts and a casual, short sleeve button-up shirt. Put on a baseball cap and you’re good to go.

A Day in the Office

On the opposite side of things, rope belts are also a great option for when you’re getting ready for a day in the office. Here’s the thing – one of the most influential parts of being effective at work is being comfortable. One of our favorite things about rope belts is that they eliminate any and all rigid edges and unwanted digging that come with traditional belt styles. Comfort is basically guaranteed with the right size rope belt.

A pair of stretchy chinos and a long-sleeve button-up pair really well with a rope belt. Tuck in your button-up and throw on some cool loafers and you’re set for your day in the office. You could even go dressier by adding a tie and a jacket – the rope belt still proves to be an understated yet versatile accessory that is totally work-appropriate.

On An Adventure​​

Getting ready to jet off on an adventure? Whether you’re taking off for a weekend camping trip or an afternoon hike in the mountains, a rope belt is going to serve you well on your outing. You shouldn’t ever have to spend a ton of time pulling and tugging and readjusting your belt. A rope belt resolves that for you. A rope belt ensures the right fit, not a tight fit. Just pull it to your desired snugness and you’re set.

Where Style Meets Simplicity

At the end of the day, we’ve found that minimalist belts can be worn in virtually any setting. The simplicity of the design makes it versatile enough to be your new go-to belt. And let’s be real, the main things you’re looking for in a belt are comfort and style. Rope belts easily combine the two, making getting ready in the morning a total breeze.

So whether you’re heading into work for the day, taking care of items on your to-do list, or exploring a new trail, wearing a rope belt is going to serve you well.