The Best Gifts for the Outdoor Guy

The Best Gifts for the Outdoor Guy

Is there someone in your life who loves the great outdoors? While you know that they love hiking, rock climbing and camping, getting gifts for them can sometimes be a doozy! You can always go with standard camping items or maybe even a gift card to their favorite store, but if you want to get them something truly special that they’ll love, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Power Bank Jump Starter

Power bank jump starters are something that every outdoor enthusiast (and non-outdoor enthusiasts) should have. These units can be charged at home, and then used as a power bank for your phone or even as a jump starter for your car. This is a great item for someone who explores remote areas where phone service and power for charging items aren’t available. They’ll be able to stay off the grid much longer and avoid emergency situations with one of these starters.

Water Purification Devices

Another really great gift idea is the gift of water purification. Some outdoorsy people like devices such as the LifeStraw. You can walk up to any body of fresh water and use the LifeStraw as a straw to drink directly from the water source. The straw actually filters the water so you won’t get sick. This is a great gift for backpackers, hikers and avid campers. 

While the LifeStraw is a great compact option that’s also good for emergency preparedness, there are some other devices you can buy as well. The Grayl GeoPress Water Filter Bottle is an awesome water purification option. The user can fill it with water, and the water bottle will filter the water, making it safe to drink. This is a great option because unlike the LifeStraw, you can take the filtered water with you. You don’t need to stay directly next to the source to have clean, filtered drinking water.

Lizard Tail Rope Belt

guy out in the snow wearing a rope belt from Lizard Tail Belts

One of our favorite gifts to give is a Lizard Tail Rope Belt. The belts are made with sturdy rope, and they come in so many colors and patterns. They also utilize knotless technology instead of a belt buckle. The knotless technology paired with the sturdy rope makes it so you can adjust your belt easily throughout the day (we’re looking at you, big lunches) to fit more comfortably.

Lizard Tail rope belts are also customizable. So, if you need a bigger size than the regular sizes offered, you can order it. There aren’t many belts out there where you can do that. Lastly, these belts are a great way for your friend to make their rugged outdoor style part of their everyday wardrobe. They are such fun talking pieces! 

Outdoor Preparedness and Just for Fun Books

Everyone can use a few good books! You can always go practical and get them books that will teach them valuable outdoor skills. A favorite is The Encyclopedia of Edible Plants. It tells them about certain types of plants, where to find them, how they can be used as medicine, and more. Another great set is the Bushcraft 101 box set. It includes Bushcraft 101, Advanced Bushcraft, The Bushcraft Guide to Trapping, Gathering and Cooking in the Wild and Bushcraft First Aid. These are all guaranteed to be a hit, and can also be purchased individually. 

If you’d like to get them a book that’s more on the fun side, try The Zombie Survival Guide. It’s more of a tongue-in-cheek book, but it might give them a laugh. Another fun one is the 100 Deadly Skills book. It’s meant to be funny and is presented in a silly way. However, there are some useful tips included as well. 

Pelican Cooler

Pelican Coolers have also been a favorite of camping enthusiasts for a while. Because of their design, they keep food insulated and cooler longer than other coolers on the market. This can be great for keeping perishables fresh when you’re camping, for keeping drinks cool at a tailgate or even for keeping the fish cold that your friend caught on their latest fishing trip.

A Good Sun Hat

Sun protection is a big deal whether you’re outdoorsy or not. However, if they are outside quite a bit, they need a good sun hat. Grab them a lightweight, wide-brimmed hat that wicks away moisture. Even if they already have a favorite hat, they are a big must-have and they can always use another one. No one wants a sunburned face, neck or head. It’s painful, can lead to skin cancer and can hinder your outdoor adventures.

Knife or Multi-Tool

Something that an outdoor guy can never have enough of are knives and multitools. The thing to know is that most outdoorsy guys have a preferred brand or type of knives that they like. Don’t just buy a random one off Amazon. So, if you go this route, be sure to check with them about their preferences. A great place to start is a website like BladeHQ

Hammock and Underquilt

If you’ve been camping, you know how uncomfortable it can get sleeping on the ground. It can also be really bulky and heavy if you have to carry a bunch of bedding while backpacking or camping. A hammock is a great alternative. It packs compactly and it’s a comfortable way to sleep. Even if you have a different sleeping setup, you can use a hammock as a place to sit. They’re far more compact than chairs and easier to carry. You can also buy them an underquilt that goes inside the hammock. This will keep them warmer as heat tends to escape very easily through the underside of a hammock. To finish off the gift, add a hammock bug net if you want to make it even better!

Hopefully, we’ve listed something they don’t have yet. When it comes to outdoorsy guys, it’s always good to check and see what they already have, since they tend to collect a lot of gear. If you do end up buying them a duplicate, though, most outdoorsmen will agree that they can always use a spare!