$24 Value - Designer Made in the USA

$24 Value - Designer Made in the USA

Designer-Made Products here in the USA

Here at Lizard Tail Belts we designed a one-of-a-kind product to meet our demands and manufacture them to meet your needs. Our patent-pending buckle is an unbelievably simple, comfortable and functional design that allows for a strong grip with infinite adjustability on the fly. 

David M. 

“If you need a belt to wear when you're hiking or doing any kind of physical activity, this is a great choice. Keeps your pants and shorts up while being so unobtrusive, you forget it's even there :)”

With no edges and micro-adjustments, you can be comfortable all day in any scenario. We've had countless customers say it's so comfortable they forget they are wearing a belt. That's what we like to hear!

Corey S. 

“Like it the way it feels. doesn't pinch my skin under my belly and hardly feels like I am wearing a belt.” 

Not only are we the designers; but we are also the manufacturers, marketers, testers and users of our products. We wear all the hats to make LT Belts happen (or should we say belts??). We guarantee that this will be a belt experience like no other.    

High Quality from Head to Tail 

We combine the highest quality materials with efficient design to achieve a strong, light-weight and durable product. We opted for a metal free design (Airport/Metal Allergy Friendly 😁) using 100% Nylon rope and fiber reinforced Nylon buckles. 

The Nylon cord provides exceptional strength, handle and feel. This is why climbers and repellers rely on it when scaling a rock face or repelling a building. So yeah, this is good stuff.  


Not only do we use the best materials we can source but we also have perfected cutting and tipping rope to provide a fray-free end for years to come. If your belt ever frays or breaks we will replace it, no questions asked. Although, we may ask how you achieved such a feat! 

 Jameson O. 
“I've been wearing this belt daily. The rope hasn't frayed and the teeth keep it in place. I like these belts because the fit truly is custom and the color is a bit loud, but that's why I got it. I'll definitely be ordering again.”

Small Business, Community Driven

We are a small business and we proudly employ our friends and community members. In order to make the best products possible, we strive to ensure our team has everything they need to perform to the best of their abilities.

With this great team we can offer exceptional customer service and a warranty on our products that creates a worry-free buying experience for you. If you have a problem you will be working with one of us to make sure it is resolved. We want you to have the same confidence in us that we have in our products.  

That’s A Wrap! 

When you buy a Lizard Tail belt you are getting a new type of belt that is minimalistic, comfortable and functional. Not to mention one that is designed and manufactured in the USA by the Lizard Tail Team. 

Tim S.
“Perfectly designed and really comfortable. Once you tighten it to your fit, it doesn't slip or sag. I'm never going back to traditional belts. I'm a customer for life. Highly recommend.”

The Lizard Tail belt is more than just a belt, it is a carefully designed and purpose built belt to meet your needs. Trust us, you won't want to go back to a traditional belt after using a Lizard Tail Belt.