Ways to Use Your Retired Lizard Tail Belt

Ways to Use Your Retired Lizard Tail Belt

If your Lizard Tail Belt has been your faithful companion for years, it might be time to retire it and get a new one. However, you don’t want to throw it away. This belt isn’t just any old rope belt. It’s a high-quality rope belt that is still strong, though it may have seen better days. It’s also so much better for the environment to reuse what we have rather than throwing items away. So, what can you do with a retired Lizard Tail Belt? We have a few ideas!

Rope for Storage

Sometimes you need a good piece of rope for storage. Being able to tie items together, hang items up or tie a box down can be a huge need. These can actually make storing your items much safer so they don’t fall on you. Tying items together can mean staying more organized, and hanging items can mean being able to get to them more easily. A retired Lizard Tail Belt is perfect for all of these things.

Lock on a Door

While you may already have locks on most of the doors around your house, a rope can make a great makeshift lock, if needed. It’s great in a pinch or can be used to secure a door with a broken lock. Certain kinds of doors have mechanisms that just need something tied around them to keep them from opening. Other doors might need to have the belt tied around the knob and secure to something sturdy in the room to keep the door from opening. No matter how you slice it, a Lizard Tail Belt can be a great way to secure a door, if needed!

Tying up an Adventure Blanket

Do you know what an adventure blanket is? It’s a blanket that can be used in many ways while you’re out adventuring. It can, of course, be used as a blanket as well as a pillow, poncho or sleeping bag for warmer weather. If you’re taking an adventure blanket on your next trip, you can use your old Lizard Tail Belt to secure it. Simply roll up the blanket, and secure the rope around it. This will keep the blanket clean, easier to pack and secure. There's nothing worse than needing a blanket and finding it’s covered in dirt, ripped or fallen out while you were on an adventure. 

Tying Something to Your Backpack

If you enjoy hiking, backpacking or really any type of adventure, a retired Lizard Tail Belt is a great asset. Tying your sleeping bag, canteen, flashlight, hat, or pots and pans to your bag can help free up space in your backpack. Many items just don’t fit well in a backpack, so tying them on the outside means you can bring more along! A Lizard Tail Belt is sturdy and makes great tying rope. With the right knot, nothing is coming off your backpack unless you want it to.


When you go camping, you can never ever have too much rope. You’re constantly tying things together, hanging things up or just passing the time. If you need some additional shelter, just grab a tarp and your retired Lizard Tail Belt. You can hang up a tarp in no time! What if you need a way to hold up your lantern? Your retired Lizard Tail Belt can help with that, too! It's great for all of the odd jobs that seem to pop up when you’re camping, and it fits right in. Also, many times when you go camping, you forget a bunch of things. Your retired Lizard Tail Belt can be packed and kept with all of your camping gear. So, it’s always there when you need it without having to remember to pack it!


A retired Lizard Tail Belt can be a great way to hang up your clothes to dry. While many people utilize a dryer, there’s nothing like line-drying your clothes and sheets. The fresh smell of the sun drying your items is so pleasant and it’s better for the environment. Even a retired Lizard Tail Belt is plenty sturdy enough to hang up your wash to dry. So, you’ll be able to enjoy sun-dried clothes and you won’t even need to buy a clothesline.

Give it to One of Your Kids

If you have a child who is close to the same size as you, you can always give them your belt. These belts are high-quality and make amazing hand-me-downs. Maybe you need something newer or slightly bigger, but your kids might absolutely love using your old belt. After all, Lizard Tail Belts look amazing and are great talking pieces. What better way to let your kids show their love of hiking, climbing or the great outdoors than with a stylish rope belt?

Home Decor

Rope belts can actually make great home decor! You’ll have to cut up your belt to do this, though. One way to use it is as drawer pulls. They make great replacements for conventional metal or wood ones, and the rope ones are much softer. So, you’re less likely to bang into them and bruise your legs. Another great way to use rope is to hang pictures. Simply tie the rope to the back of the frame in two places on the sides and voila! You can put a nail or hook on the wall to hang your rope on.

Backup Belt

If your Lizard Tail Belt has been on many adventures and is a tad bit worn, it doesn’t mean you can’t still use it! Consider keeping it as a backup belt. That way, if something ever happens to your new one, you still have your favorite rope belt on hand and ready to go.

No matter how you decide to use your old Lizard Tail Belt, it won’t let you down. All of our rope belts are made with high-quality materials and are built to last through all of the adventuring you love doing!