What Type of Belt Matches Your Personality?

What Type of Belt Matches Your Personality?

Do you love belts? So do we! Belts have been a part of both men’s and women’s fashion for many, many years. Having belts for different occasions and types of pants is a must. You probably have go-to belts for all of those occasions, but what about using belts for fun or expressing your personality? Have you ever wondered what type of belt matches your personality? Let’s look at a few personalities and their ideal belt types.

Free and Adventurous

woman wearing a high quality red rope belt from Lizard Tail belts

Would you call yourself free and adventurous? Maybe you like to go hiking, climbing or exploring abandoned places in your free time. Perhaps you are not the type that is super formal. You are more of a casual, easygoing type. Then the belt that matches your personality is a rope belt. Lizard Tail Belts has high-quality rope belts that match your free and adventurous personality to a tee. The rope belts come in many different patterns and colors. We can also size them to fit you perfectly, and they feature knotless technology. So, you can keep on adventuring, exploring and climbing without having to worry about your belt or pants.

Strong and Outspoken

Do your friends consider you the strong and outspoken one in your group? Maybe you’re chill most of the time, but if one of your friends needs defending or you see something that isn’t right, you are the first to speak up. Does this sound like you? If so, your personality matches the webbed belt. The webbed belt has been used by many members of the military and is known for being strong. It is a protective belt and can be used as a tactical piece as well. So, it fits the strong and outspoken personality perfectly.

Polished, Calm and Poised

Are you more of the calm, polished and poised type? Maybe you are able to think on your feet, you enjoy being around people, but not all the time, and you probably enjoy golf on the weekends. Then you are probably more traditional. This calls for the traditional leather belt. A tried and true favorite of men everywhere, the leather belt usually comes in neutral colors, is dependable and is great in both casual and more formal situations. So, if you’re a bit more calm, polished and poised, the leather belt matches your personality.

Strong and Mysterious

Do people deem you mysterious? They probably can’t quite figure you out. You’re smooth and suave, and you choose your words wisely. If this is the case, your personality best matches a neutral-colored canvas belt. Neutral-colored canvas belts can be worn in casual and business casual situations. They’re not boring or traditional, though. You never know where it’s going or what it’s doing—just like you.

Chill and Dependable

That’s all, you’re just a chill guy. Do your friends call you when they just want things to be calm? Then you probably have a chill personality. You are not over the top, not outspoken and just enjoy spending time sitting and watching what is right in front of you. This might be people, nature, etc. You’re content to let life come as it does and not worry too much. So, your chill personality matches the sturdy nylon belt. You are not overly emotional, and you’re looking to be there for people in a calm manner. This is just like a nylon belt. It’s easy to clean and it looks good in both casual and formal situations. Nylon belts just do their job until someone really needs them to step up—but they won’t be loud or outspoken about it. They’re just confidently, always there.

The Silly Class Clown

Do your friends call you the class clown? Maybe you love great jokes, being the center of attention and being around large groups of people. If so, you are probably the silly class clown, and your personality matches the novelty belt. Novelty belts are the most wild of all the belts. What crazy color will it be? What material? Will the buckle look like a seatbelt? Novelty belts come in so many designs and can often have some of the craziest belt buckles. Like a class clown, you never know which novelty belt will be out and about next.

Shy and Serious

Maybe you’re a much quieter personality? Perhaps you prefer to stay in on the weekends, read books or maybe work for hours on special projects by yourself. Yup, you love your alone time. If you are shy and serious, you are probably most like a faux leather belt. You don’t want to command all the attention with a leather belt, but you also like having a more traditional feel to your outfits. So, a faux leather belt is probably the best match for your shy and serious demeanor. You might eventually venture into wearing full-fledged leather belts, but for now, you are content with the faux leather.

Happy and Fun

Are you known by your friends as the happy and fun one? Maybe you like to be the center of attention, you love being around people and you love a good time. If this sounds like you, your personality matches a braided leather belt with a large buckle. The braided leather has a fun, cool, traditional vibe while still not being a full-fledged, formal, leather belt. However, the big buckle sends it over the top and grabs everyone’s attention, much like your fun and silly personality. It’s not as loud as a novelty belt and it can still fly under the radar depending on how big the belt buckle is. Yet, no matter what, it gives a fun vibe.

If you’re looking to learn more about all of the different types of belts and what situations to use them in, check out our Ultimate Guide to Belts blog. It’ll tell you about all of the material types, buckles and so much more.